Think back to the heyday of computing and Sir Clive Sinclair's little beauty, the ZX Spectrum - Weren't there some great American Football games on that platform? And they're all here available for you to play again on an emulator.

Basically, an emulator is a programme that makes your PC think it is a different computer/console. Below you can download a copy of a ZX Spectrum emulator and also some American Football Games that were produced for it.

The emulator is perfectly legal to download as it is freeware. As for the games, it's a bit of a cloudy issue. Most companies don't mind their games being distributed anymore as they are not making any profit on them due to them being so old.

Also, If any of the companies/individuals that published/wrote the games would like them removing from the site, please let me know and they will be gone :-)

The Spectrum emulator is a self extracting file so save it first to your hard drive and then run it to install the program. The games just need downloading into the Spectrum directory once you have installed the program.

There shouldn't be any real problems running the games, but if there is, please read the FAQ that is created when you install the program. If you're still having problems, please e-mail me.

Spectrum Emulator (1.4 Meg)
Headcoach (48KB)
Fantastic American Football (40KB)
American Football 1 (45KB)
American Football 2 (49KB)
Gridiron 2 (43KB)

Red Line