Here are the e-mail addresses of The Cougars!!!

Please feel free to send me any more that you know or tell me if any need changing/removing :-)

Mark Raynor Tim Moore Peter Brook
Glenn Stevens Mick Hardaker Roy Cheeseright
Steve Clift Pete Simpson Simon Dwyer
Colin Milner Jez Dove Richard Daly #39 
Mike Fawcett Alex Tepielow Neil Stott (updated)
Andy "Red" Kershaw Rich Handby Chuck Brogdon (Head Coach)
Tony Linsley Hector Hurley Sammy Pryce #85
Greg Thelan Mark Sephton PG Haddon (Peter Haddon Senior)
Scott Allcock Orlando Weekes #45 & 47 Stephen Mudd (Author of the Club History Document)
Richard Heighton (updated Feb 05) Pavlo Andrusiak Mark Hopkinson  or Mark Hopkinson
Doug McLean (Head Coach) (Lions Clubs International Website) David Shepperd (Video) updated 12/02/21 Daz Milner
Barry Cawley #30 Phil Keeling # 77 Brian Bullers
Lisa-Marie Trory (Cheerleader) John LaFleur Drew Roberts
Dave Mountain Brad Sper Paul Goodward
Neil Frost John Mann #68 Chris Mann (Ball Boy)
Gregg Brenner Stephen Moore (Dans Son) Neill Lester
Rick Horner Clive Trueman Donna Briggs (Booth)
Mick Sheppard #59 & #51 Amanda Jackson (Cheerleader) Updated 28.09.10 Rob White #67
Graham Rennie-Fowler Steve Newton #50   Ken Phelps

Tony Bosah #28 New 28.10.09