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Last Update 9.1.21

and another

1992 Game 7 Leeds Cougars v Fylde Falcons 41:6

1 more game

not sure if it's pre-season 1992 or the regular season game - regular season was a 40:2 win but the scoreboard here says 27:2 - anyone shed any light on when this was played please?

1992 ? Friendly or Regular season

Fylde Falcons v  Leeds Cougars 2:27 ?


2 more games online - both pre-season from 1992

1992 Friendly

Northampton Storm v Leeds Cougars 44:31

1992 Friendly Leeds Cougars v Northwest Spartans 16:14

Good to get more games online after a 5 month gap - Thanks to David Sheppard for once again making this site better

1994 Game 3 Leeds Cougars v Glasgow Lions 34:26

1 more

1994 Game 10 Glasgow Lions v Leeds Cougars 50:24


2 more match videos

1993 Game 8 Leeds Cougars v Leicester Panthers 14:28


1993 Game 5 Glasgow Lions v Leeds Cougars 28:8


1 more

1991 Game 4 Leeds Cougars v Nottingham Hoods 14:40


2 more games now online - both 1992 - both against the Hoods :

1992 Game 4 Leeds Cougars v Nottingham Hoods 12:32


1992 Game 13 Quarter Final Nottingham Hoods v Leeds Cougars 40:7


2 more games now online :

1994 Game 2 Leeds Cougars v Nottingham Hoods 25:19


1993 Game 7 Nottingham Hoods v Leeds Cougars 39:0

2 more games now online :

1993 Game 9 Thames Valley Chargers v Leeds Cougars 21:18


1994 Game 5 Leeds Cougars v Thames Valley Aces 26:6


New game again :

1994 Game 4 Thames Valley Aces v Leeds Cougars 34:24

another game added :

First Half Only

1990 Game 5 Leeds Cougars v Flyde Falcons 33:2

2 more games added to the videos page :

1992 Game 11 Northwest Spartans v Leeds Cougars 35:7


1992 Game 3 Leeds Cougars v Northwest Spartans 24:47

New game added. the 1990 Quarter Final

Manchester Spartans v Leeds Cougars 45:36

Also added

1993 Game 6 Leeds Cougars v Gateshead Senators 50:0

match video to the site

Email address of David Shepperd also updated - important chap this one as he's doing all the work getting the videos online :-)

Nottingham Hoods video renamed and relinked to Nottingham Caesars from a pre-season game in 1992  Leeds Cougars v Nottingham Caesars

And another one Leeds Cougars v Gateshead Senators v  1992 46:0

And another one Gateshead Senators v Leeds Cougars 14:40

Another video added to the site - 1991 v Gateshead at Bramley

Well, after 10 years of nothing, i've finally some new stuff to add. Thanks to David Sheppard, there are some gameday videos on the site under the match videos link on the left hand side.  Most are on youtube, and as and when David digitises his remaining VHS collection, I will update the links. Enjoy. Mark

Gosh, 10 months since the last update - Sorry chaps, am really busy at the moment but once again I do promise to get some new stuff up on here as soon as I can - I have some pics from Barry Cawley to sort out when I get a moment.

Only 1 e-mail address update this time I'm afraid, for

Well, once again it's been a while, but whilst looking through my old e-mails, I noticed one from Tony Bosah from over a year ago that had a load of pictures from the Rotterdam 88/89 trip, so here they are :-)

Rotterdam Pictures

The usual pig out will be taking place but apparently "the official photographer is otherwise engaged and, as you probably
know, the average lineman doesn't understand the complexities of taking digital photographs, so you might just end up with a couple of crayon
sketches sometime next week"

We will wait and see :-)

In the meantime, here are some photos of the usual suspects from the 2008 Britball final

Season greetings to everyone - It's been a while since the last update and I don't have a lot to tell you to be honest.

Presumably there will be the Superbowl stuff your face fest again around Superbowl time ? If you want any ideas, I can recommend the eat all you can Chinese in Xscape that has recently started up. Mind you, any eat all you can Buffet is good!.

Also, I have a book recommendation for those last minute Christmas presents. It's by John Grisham and is call Playing for Pizza - a brief overview is below but it was a very good read (even if you don't read that often) as it is all about American football in Italy.

Rick Dockery was the third-string quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. In the deciding game at the climax of the season, to the surprise and dismay of virtually everyone, Rick actually got into the game. With a 17-point lead and just minutes to go, Rick provided what was arguably the worst single performance in the history of the NFL. Overnight, he became a national laughing stock and, of course, was immediately dropped by the Browns and shunned by all other teams. But all Rick knows is football, and he insists that his agent, Arnie, finds a team that needs him. Against enormous odds, Arnie finally locates just such a team and informs Rick that, miraculously, he can in fact now be a starting quarterback. Great says Rick - for which team? The mighty Panthers of Parma, Italy. Yes, Italians do play American football, to one degree or another, and the Parma Panthers desperately want a player from the home of American football at their helm. So Rick reluctantly agrees to play for the Panthers - at least until a better offer comes along - and heads off to Italy. He knows nothing about Parma (not even where it is), has never been to Europe, and doesn't speak or understand a word of Italian. To say that Italy - the land of opera, fine wines, extremely small cars, romance and football americano - holds a few surprises for Rick Dockery would be something of an understatement.

Have got a new e-mail address for Gregg Thelen.

It is   theo5@wi.rr.com


Hi everyone - I have a new e-mail address - It is :

raynormark@skyMONSTER.com  (remove the MONSTER part of it to e-mail me though - I have to do it like this to stop getting so much spam!)

If you have sent me anything since 22nd September, I probably haven't got it, so it would be good if you could re-send anything to the new address.



Had an e-mail from the Yorkshire Rams for everyone who may be interested :

Hi Mark,

If any of the Cougars want to come along to the two games suggested, you would be more than welcome. We are pushing for the playoffs and some noisy support for the lads (including Muzzy & Bilco) would be more than welcome.

The Rams youth (coached by Goody) are playing in double headers at both games, they kick off at 11am and the seniors at 2.30. A tailgate party in the car
park would be good idea, there are plenty of grassy areas in front of the main stand to set up and cook for the linemen (me included).

We would love to see you all there, please wear your Cougars shirts as a lot of the regulars at the games are old Cougars fans.

Mike Cluskey
CEO - Yorkshire Rams
T +44 (0)781 077 6314
E ceo@yorkshirerams.com
W www.yorkshirerams.com

Can anyone help Derek  ?

Hi mate, excellent cougars site..i wonder if you can help me i am trying to get in touch with ex-players phil trickett or laverne washington(early 90"s) they also played for barnsley and i am trying to see if i can get any game footage from then..

thanks for your time.


 I've had a couple of e-mails since I last updated the site from Mark Hopkinson saying :

It was suggested at the all-you-can-eat-SuperBowl-pig-out that we should arrange a get- together at one of the Yorkshire Rams games during the summer .. there must be someone out there with the organizational skills to get the ball rolling ..?

And then an update :

If we are going to arrange a BBQ at one of the Rams games then 22 June or 03 August are the obvious candidates .

26 April Staffordshire Surge
04 May Redditch Arrows
25 May Dundee Hurricanes
22 Jun West Coast Trojans
03 Aug Doncaster Mustangs

So, over to you guys and girls who want to eat some burnt sausages and watch a bit of football at the same time

Also had an email as follows - If anyone can help, I'm sure Helen will appreciate it

Name = Helen Emsley
Email = helenemsley@yahoo.co.uk

Message = Hi I wonder if someone could help me get in touch with Sally Moore. We shared a flat in Leeds in the 80's and I've been thinking about her lately and would like to send her an email. Many thanks. Helen Emsley

I have had e-mails from Donna Briggs (Booth) and from Lisa-Marie Trory

 (see below). If anyone is planning a date for a meetup, would you please let me know so I post it here or put it on the messageboard for everyone to see. Thanks. Mark

"Please can you let me know when the next reunion is, as a few of us over here in Bradford are in touch with each other and would love to me up with you all again. Maybe we should try and have a great gathering later this year to mark 24 years since it all started. wow."

"Hi there, i was wondering if you knew if there is a cougar BBQ planned for this year. Im arranging our yearly family squad BBQ and thought it would be nice if we picked the same day. were really good at picking the rainy days.

I have finally got a match video on line 1989 v Leicester Panthers  - I will get some more up as soon as I get the time.

The video is a windows media file so you should all be able to view it.

See it on the following VIDEOS page

Once I have uploaded a few more games, I will then be able to increase the file quality and put them on DVD to send to anyone who want them.

5 photos from the annual eatathon on Superbowl Sunday. Back to China City again this year.

You can view the pics from the link here or on the left hand menu

Here is your Christmas update - 4 new photos which have been sent to me by Paul Goodward. There are as follows :

1. Paul Goodward #34 with Phil Keeling no.59 blocking playing for the Yorkshire Rams

2. Paul Goodward

 3. Paul Goodward #42 with Paul Muscroft no.71 blocking, playing for the Yorkshire Rams 

4. Phil Keeling.#54

Happy Christmas everyone.

Have had an-e-mail from Steve Newton

He said :

Hi Mark, I am Steve Newton AKA Blue # 50. The Cougar web site is a great piece of work and a fitting tribute to all who were involved with the Leeds Cougar organisation.

For the last 14 years I  have lived in Tadcaster where I am still a fire-fighter. Married to Kerry for nine years and at the moment have two children, Joe Daniel 5 and Molly Louise 4.

I retired fully around three years ago having spent my last years with the Rams. My last game was the was the amazing final at Sheffield against Norwich.

Personally I would like to thank everyone who was linked with the Cougars, who made it the most enjoyable sport and gave me great memories to look back on The players and coaches alike were characters and will be long remembered and in most cases feared.

To all I played against, I thank you every morning when I try and roll out of bed and listen to my  knees crack as walk down the stairs. I wish everyone all the best and if your unlucky I may run into one of you at a Rams game.

His e-mail address is


3 more programmes added today from 1993, all Home against the lions,,Senators and panthers

All the Programmes from Rob are now scanned in so it's back to me to get my remaining ones done :-)

2nd update today - 2 more programmes added - Both away games from 1991 against the Spartans and the Hoods

Another update of programmes today - A 1994 home game against the Bulls

A 1992 home game against the Senators.

A juniors 1991 against Gateshead

Have just received a lot a programmes from Rob White so am busy scanning them in to get them up and running.

I have also created a memorabilia page, which can be accessed from the menu on the left - It contains items such as photos of cougars merchandise, ticket stubs etc. If you have anything to add to this page, please photograph it and e-mail them to me.

So far, I have added programmes for the friendly in 1989 against the Ravens and the home game against the Bulls

There is also a Cougar  Programme Page which has a couple of programmes in it so far with a couple more to add later.

There is also an additional Press Cutting on this link at the very end of the page.


I have got the POSTCARDS working again, if you want to send one to anybody.

Have backed up the guestbook, so old entries are now actually under the old entries link and only the last year's worth can be viewed in the guestbook itself.

Have also archived some of the news on this page into the PREVIOUS NEWS section on the site, so this page should load slightly faster.

Have been doing a few more cosmetics to the site and have noticed that quie a few of the e-mail addresses on the e-mails page don't appear to work any more.

If you know of any updated ones, please let me know so I can change them and make it easier for you all to stay in touch.

1 more programme added - It was a big one - QF Playoffs 1989 Away at Northampton Stormbringers - Programme is a season long one full of stats and ads but a match specific teamsheet is also included here - stormbringers

I have updated the site search on this page - It now uses Google and is much better - Just type in a word and see for yourself - Mark :-)

I have just realised that some of the comments forms to send messages to me were not working - So if you have sent any chants, who are yer, or general comments, I might not have got them (probably for over a year or so!!!)

Sorry if you thought I was ignoring you :-))

I think I have fixed most of them now but still have a couple of photo help forms to mend - This will be done shortly.

Yet more programmes added this morning - 1992 hoods Away and 1990 B52's Away

Only 19 more programmes to add from my collection then I'll be bugging you all to send me any missing ones to upload here :-)

2 more programmes now added both Home games 1988 - against the Stormbringers and the Spartans.

Lets hope I can keep it up :-)))

I have now added a 1988 Fylde Falcons Away programme and a 1989 Birmingham Bulls Away programme in the Matchday Programmes area

Hopefully this is the first update of many :-)

I have finally started getting some more Matchday Programmes Online, starting with the 1992 away games at

panthers and at hoods

Hi Amanda Here (Although known as Mandy at the time)

I was a Leeds Blue Cats Cheerleader for the Fantastic Leeds Cougars from 1989 to 1992. I have  just discovered the Cougars website and my God it brought back some memories all of which are great.
I really miss the cougars and made some really good friends through my 2 years with them  especially Melanie Besford (Sutcliffe) who i am still in touch with

The cheerleader pics are quite embarrassing though i have to say and we all seem to have the same perm.....
Oh well hope there is to soon be a reunion would love to see everyone again bet we have all  changed though and of course got older.
Just wanted to say hi to everyone who remembers me Hope you are all well......
Take Care everyone Kind Regards

Amanda Jackson (Lowe)

Have had an-e-mail from Donna Booth formally Donna Briggs & Head Cheerleader of the BlueCats.

She said :

" I was in shock after looking at the site with Paul Pryce recently (he was visiting me for my birthday), and wondered if any of the other Cheerleaders had contacted you.
When I think of my time with the Leeds Cougars, I only smile over great memories, and great friends lost over the years. 

How did we ever do all that travelling, games & Socializing and still maintain our full time jobs. !!
Paul & me wonder sometimes, but we laugh.
I will dig out some photo's sometime, please put me on your list.  I would love to hear from some friends.

Her e-mail address is


Got Mick Sheppards e-mail address of mick@tbcs.co.uk

Got a e-mail from Hector Hurley who is looking to get in contact with Tim Casey - If anyone can help, please e-mail Hector by clicking his name.

The Pics have arrived from the annual food fest on Superbowl Sunday - Looks like everyone had a good time.

You can view the pics from the link here or on the left hand menu

The Annual Superbowl Meal

Received from Mark Hopkinson :

A few of us are meeting for a meal on Superbowl night again this year

It is Sunday the 4th of February, probably around 7.30 to 8pm, and we will be going to the Shabana Indian Restaurant which is a couple of minutes drive from Junction 39 of the M1, close to Wakefield.

So far, we think that Ken Phelps, Bootface, Mick Hardacre, Murdoc, Tim Casey, Malcolm Parker, Bilko, Muzzy, Glen Stevens, Neil Stott, Brian Bullers and Steve Fox are confirmed, but everyone is welcome.

The more people go, the better discount we will get :-)

I can email a map and directions to anyone wanting to go.

e-mail : markhoopy@tiscali.co.uk

The Yorkshire Rams and the Hard Rock Cafe, Leeds, bring you the first leg of the Rams Rookie Combine and Superbowl Party.

Sunday 4th February 10am start - All are welcome, especially those who have never played the game of American Football, so come and try out for the team at the All New home of the Yorkshire Rams - The South Leeds Stadium.
The day starts at 10am in the main reception with registration and then goes into individual assessments, introduction to the game and skills assessments.

Following the tryouts, on Sunday evening we invite you to the Superbowl party at the Hard Rock Cafe in Leeds, fun and football through the night with the two best NFL teams battling it out for the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Tickets are available from the Rams - just ask any of the staff at Sunday training sessions or at the combine, or drop us a line at info@yorkshirerams.com.
If you can't make it to the 4th February tryouts, we are repeating the whole thing on Saturday 10th February, again we are meeting at the main reception of the South Leeds Stadium at 10am.

I've received the following from Neill Lester.

Peter Haddon, Neil Lester, Andy Michaelson and Andy Rose.4 names that appear in the club history section as the 4 fanatics that started it all off.

Hi I'm Neill Lester I still am in contact with David Haddon,Peters Haddons brother and Andy Rose. I have lost touch with Andy Michaelson and Peter Haddon.

I have strong memories of those first months the four of us were convinced that we could easily start an american football supporters group.

Very quickly the change from supporting to playing took us in a new direction. We arranged for training and quickly realised that we needed equipment.

Lack of worries of physical contact from playing Rugby led to some early injuries. We arranged for a sale of equipment at the Jester Pub and the fledgling teams players turned up to learn how to put on shoulder pads and how to be measured for helmets.

We trained at King Alfred's fields and also at the Judean Club on Street Lane where they had an all weather surface pitch. Actually we could have been called Leeds Cavemen,Leeds Lions,Leeds Loiners, but it was decided at the inaugral meeting that the name Cougars would be used.

I also have memories of a trip to Chicksands American Airforce base where  the British American Football league was set up. I remember trying out for wide receiver and  free safety. I remember David Haddon and Andy Michaelson timing players over a 40 yds sprint in full gear.

Due to other commitments after a year I moved on but still followed the Cougars and I was still in contact with the other lads. I am proud to have been in at the start and one of the four.

Cheers Neill Lester.

I got the following e-mail from Rex Harrison - I also heard this on SKY last weekend.

"Can you help.  The Leicester Panthers are reforming in 2007 to play a charity game at Welford Rd (home of the Leicester Tigers).

We are trying to contact Tiggy BELL and Rick HORNER any ideas.

We have 60 players registered to play and hope to sell 8000 tickets. Please see www.leicesterpanthers.co.uk for details of www.leics.police.uk for more.  We are raising money for Matt Hampson who broke his neck last year.

  We are in training already.  If you know of any Cougar player that played at least once for the Panthers then please get them to contact us.

Hope you can make the game It would be great to see old faces again.
Rex Harrison
e-mail : rex20@tiscali.co.uk

Can anyone help Rex - Personally, I think he should do what Nick Halling suggested and try to get Sean Payton over to play again, although the Saint's may not agree!!! :-)

Got an e-mail a couple of months ago and just found out I forgot to upload it, so here it is - Better late than never!!! :-)

"Hey guys this is Stephen Moore, Dan Moores son...

Just wanted to say hi to the gang... I'm 14 going on 15 in two months i just wanted to see how every one is. I'm in high school I play football and got my dads number both years junior high and this year.

My moms doing good, Sally Moore. Well sometime comment me back so we can talk please thanks bye.

E-Mail : stephenmoore123@hotmail.com

Am still here but haven't got any further with the DVD/clips yet - Will make a concerted effort after Christmas to sort it out.

Just a quick update to let you all know that I am still around - Just haven't had the time in the last few months to get any further with sorting out the game clips/DVD

I will get there eventually - Bear with me please :-)

Mark :-)

I've just got an e-mail from a Manchester Allstars fan (full e-mail below) - Anyone interested in sorting out a flag game etc... ?

"We both have something in common, we both must be nuts as myself and Paul Ashton run a similar site for the Manchester Allstars.

I think your site is fantastic and very informative and you should be congratulated on it. If you want to use any of the Cougars stuff from
our site please go ahead www.manchester-allstars.co.uk. Or if you are interested we have accumulated a lot of Cougars stuff from mags and papers.

We thought it would be a great idea if you have enough ex players to have a flag football day sometime in the future as both teams go back a
long way. I look forward to your comments.

Carl Fletcher-Poole  E-Mail : carl.fletcher-poole@litho.co.uk

Hi there, A lot of you probably don't know who I am. My name is Lisa-Marie,( you may remember my dad more, Kevin Trory) I began watching Cougar ball in the early days. Think i can just remember the guys playing at Elland road then towards the end i decided to get off my bum and jump into a lovely pair of gold trainers and spandex and join  (no not the offence line) the cheerleading team. I am proud to say those days with the Cougars lead me on to teach Cheerleading to children and young people all over the country.
 12 years on and now in the present, Ive just come back from the Future Cheer International Cheerleading Championships with TWO 1st place titles with my senior and peewee teams. Cheer has come a long way since the happy days of the 'Blue cats'. My squad still cant get over the size of the poms we used, and the least said about the uniform the better.
Due to our success over the last year, my squad NRG have been invited over to California in April 07 to train with some of the best cheer coaches in the US. We will be spending 5 days in San Francisco then 5 days in Orlando watching the largest cheerleading championships in the world.
We basically need all the help we can get to raise the 26k we need to fly our guys out for a once in a life time experience.
If any of you have any ideas on how we could fundraise, no matter how small please, please get in touch.
Thank you for listening
Lisa-Marie Trory
NRG Extreme Coach/Director
P.S. We are having a 'Cougar style' family BBQ at Lotherton Hall on the 13th August 07 - 11.30am onwards. It would be great to see you there. x

 I have finally got round to doing a bit of testing with video clips and have just uploaded an 18 second Cougar Touchdown for you to have a look at.

The file is 3.5meg so obviously any longer clips are going to be large to download.

So, my first idea is that I will upload various "good" clips to the site when I have done them BUT, will also produce a DVD which will be available to anyone who wants a copy.

Again, as is always the case with me!, I can't say when I will have these done but I will try and do them asap. I need to find a better video recorder than the one I used for this clip as the quality isn't excellent - The best VCR in the house is fastened to every other device known to man and has more wires coming out of it than is possible!!! When I can get rid of the wife for a couple of hours, I might just unplug everything to do a test with that VCR - Hopefully everything will be back in place before she gets back!!! :-))))

So, here is the file to download - It's a Windows Media File so hopefully you will all be able to view it. It will either run automatically or will ask you to save it to disk - If you have any problems or any suggestions/better ways to do this, please let me know.


Cheers - Mark :-)