A couple of people have said it's a good idea to tell everyone a bit about themselves.

I thought it would a bit of fun to have at least some idea of who the regular readers of this site are and a bit of background info about them as well. 

I originally saw this idea on an Ipswich Town website (I'm an Ipswich Football fan!!!) and if anyone wants to see examples of the type of stuff that should be put on here, please go to http://www.icon.co.za/~jayceee/itfc/  

It may give you some ideas :-)

The usual sort of stuff includes name, age, Favourite player of all time, best ever game seen/played in  etc. etc. -  You know the sort of thing, but please put it into sentences and don't just list things :-)

The people listed on this page have one thing in common: - they have all responded to the "Who Are Yer???" call. You can read what they have said by clicking on their name (just to the left of here!!!)

Will you be next???

You can send your details either by e-mail (remove the word MONSTER for mail to get to me) or by sending the info on a form - Click the below link.


If I've missed anyone that has responded, or if you would like to add/remove/update your listing, please send me an e-mail (remove the word MONSTER for mail to get to me)

Also, please feel free to send in pictures of yourself to go up here so that everyone else can see you!!!!!