Have just had an e-mail from Gregg Brenner which says (excerpts)

I love what you are doing with the web site. It's great to see the photos of the guys and others! I really miss the people I met in Leeds. It was great time in life for me. Gregg Thelen and I keep talking about making a trip over there. Well anyway, here is a recent photo of my youngest child, Brady and me. I have three kids, Zach, 10, Molly, 8, and Brady, 5.

I will gather some old photos and scan them and send to you. You take care and I'll be in touch very soon. And, yes, you can put my contact in for on the site!

Thanks, Gregg Brenner

Many many thanks to all of you that collected money for the upkeep of the website at the recent meal - It's much appreciated and with the money now received, this will mean I don't even have to put my hand into my own pocket this year - Fantastic :-)

Thanks again, Mark :-)

Here are the first lot of pictures from the Superbowl Sunday "stuff your faces" at China City!!! :-)

These pics are from Mark Hopkinson and hopefully more of them will follow from the rest of you that took them :-)

Many Thanks to Doug McLean (Lions Clubs International Website) and Mark Hopkinson for their donations to help pay towards this site - Much appreciated Gents :-) Also, to all the people on the photos who had a very nice collection for the site. Names known so far are Steve Fox, Tony Linsley, Mick Hardaker, Steve Huxham, Craig Sagar, Glenn Stevens, Ken Phelps, Peter Brooke, Neil Stott - Anyone else who contributed, -please let me know and I will Add you to the list - Many Thanks - Mark :-)

Mark Hopkinson says "a few of the linemen are going to China City again this year on SuperBowl night, Sunday 5th Feb.

Mick Hardaker has already posted in the guestbook about this but it's here also so you've no excuses :-)))

We had the all-you-can-eat last year which was pretty good, and I think we met there at around 7.30-ish.  You can post my email address or phone number if you want - 01924 872120 - so I can sort the numbers out and book us in.
It doesn't have to be linemen-only :-) "

Have just received the following e-mail from Samantha Pryce

Hey everyone... I thought i would just let you know that its Sammy Pryce and Gordon Parkers birthday next week.. they are having a night out at one of there local pub we would love for anyone off the team, cheerleaders and u mark of course,,, to come alone to see the old buggers... the pubs address is bulls head, 815 huddersfield road, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, WF13 3LR

By the way the guys, party is next Saturday 21st of January at 8.30

If any1 needs any more information they can contact me on sammie_leonnie85@hotmail.com

thanks love ya'll samantha xxx

E-Mail : sammie_leonnie85@hotmail.com

Once I have got everything sorted out transfer wise, my next undertaking for the site will be to include some Cougar Videos!!!  I have got a few games from 89, 90 and 91 (maybe 92 as well) on video and I am intending putting some of them onto the site to download (depending on the size and quality). Failing that (or both) I also eventually intend to put them to DVD so anyone of you who wants a copy will be able to have one. This may take some time to do though but at least it outlines my plans for the site at the moment.

I am in the process of transferring everything over to the new webspace at the moment and it's quite a big task sorting out the links (which now all go to only one site rather than 5 different lots of webspace. If you do find anything not working or loading, please let me know so I can fix it - Thanks - Mark :-)

Happy new year to everyone - I hope you all had a good festive period.

I have finally taken the plunge and bought some dedicated web space. This means that things are easier for me to update and thanks to a couple of you so far who have sent me some cash, it means that I don't have to fork out too much myself to keep this going :-)  Thank you to all concerned (Mark and Doug so far)

The MAKE A DONATION button below has been added to enable any of you that want to, to make a contribution to the upkeep of this website.

Due to a lack of space on my FREE account that this site is hosted on, I now need to pay around 50 per year to keep the site online.

I am quite prepared to pay this, and will do so, out of my own pocket as I enjoy doing the site but if you feel like helping with the cost by making a donation, however big or small that amount may be, then that would be greatly appreciated. The payment button below goes through PAYPAL so for those of you that already have a Paypal account, the process of donating is a simple one. If you don't have a PAYPAL account but DO have a Credit or Debit card then you can also make payment through the button below.

If you would like to assist but don't have a credit card then please e-mail me for details of my home address, where you can send a cheque/cash.

Sorry for asking for help - If no-one wants to contribute then I WILL continue to run the site, it will just make it easier some of you could give 2 or 3 pounds towards it upkeep.

If I get "too much" in the way of donations, this will help for future years in the running of the site.

I won't run off with the money :-)

Thank You

Mark :-)

I have updated the e-mail address for Greg Thelan

I have updated the e-mail address for Jez Dove

Added e-mail addresses for John Mann #68 and Chris Mann (Ball Boy)

Neil Frost just visited the web site for the first time - Added his e-mail address to that page :-)

I've just heard from Brad Sper :

"Everyone, my business partner came across this site and told me of it. What a great way to relive old times. 

I think it's cool how all of you still remain in contact with one another. 

 I hope everyone is healthy and doing well.  I am married and have 4 crazy kids.  I coach baseball, basketball, and currently my sons 2nd grade football team.  We have won all 3 of our games by scores of 26 - 0, 30 - 0, and 22 - 0.  I'm having a blast and the kids are awesome. If anyone still sees Sid from Harvey's, Tell him I said Hi. 

 I enjoyed everyone's hospitality when I was there and will never forget you all.  I still have the mug from the "cool Cats", as well as pictures and other great memorabilia. Thanks, Brad Sper 

Just got the following from  Glenn Stevens - Hi Mark.  I've moved back to Yorkshire.  My new email address is stevensboo@aol.com Please delete the other two that are listed.  Its good to be back...........................Glenn

Also, Mark Hopkinson has updated his e-mail address and the best one to contact him on now is markhoopy@tiscali.co.uk

I think I have now sorted out the player pic pages for Greg Brenner, Greg Thelan and John LaFleur - I had wrong pics on each page - If anyone  notices they are still wrong, please let me know and I'll have another go - Thanks - Mark :-)

Dave Mountain has just submitted his e-mail address of  phoenix@bugg23.fsnet.co.uk

I have just received the following e-mail from Melanie Besford :

I've just been to see the Yorkshire Rams defeat Chester Romans, good game, and speaking to Steph Muscroft was invited to Paul's 40th. She did comment that it would be good if she could get hold of others from the Cougars. I suggested putting something on the website. They are computer less at the moment so I said I would see what I could do.

This is a SURPRISE party so it's a bit hush hush.

Details . . . 2nd July 2005 at Holbeck Working Mens Club at 12 noon, going on to a BBQ at their house.

Could you possibly put something on the website or if possible email any players you might have email addresses for and invite them to go along.

Apparently all welcome.

Thanks very much.


Drew Roberts now has a new e-mail address of


John LaFleur now has added his e-mail address to the site - It is :   jlafleur87@sbcglobal.net

He also wrote the following for the WHOAREYER page :

John LaFleur

1989 Cougar

I've been married for 12 years and my wife Julie and I have 22 month old spitfire named Monica Mae LaFleur.

I'm also in the process of completing a Ph.D. in Leadership. I'm working with the United States Marine Corps and am also an Associate Principal in a suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin high school of 1,700 students grades 9 - 12.

I last saw any of the Cougars in 2002 - I met Orlando Weekes in Milwaukee. I'd love to hear from you folks and learn of what everyone is doing.

E-Mail : jlafleur87@sbcglobal.net

Sammy Pryce now has a new e-mail address of


Added 2 more e-mail addresses for Brian Bullers and Lisa-Marie Trory to the e-mail page.

Seems there are a few ex-Cougars who have taken up playing again - Some at a ripe old age - Playing for the Yorkshire Rams this season are Phil Keeling, Paul Muscroft, Steve Newton & Paul Goodward.

If you want more info on the Rams then visit the excellent website www.yorkshirerams.com

Many thanks to all of you for filling in the missing details of who's who on the photos - Much appreciated.

I have a bit of sad news today - Just read on the Doncaster Mustangs site that John Gurga sadly passed away earlier this year from cancer. John was the Cougars coach for the 1995 season and although I didn't know too much about him, there is a nice summary of his career at www.doncastermustangs.com

8 more photos in the Misc Photos section and a new section created with photos from the trip to Cincinnati in 1989

9 more photos in the Cardiff Final Section

Even more updates - I have now got 4 programmes from the 1990 season online

Have uploaded some more photos and to make navigation better have started a couple of new sections - From the left hand options menu, there are now links for pictures of the Cardiff 1987 Final, the Bull 1989 semi final and then the misc photos have been condensed - Hope you enjoy - Mark :-)

Still updating the site - Have got some more stuff from Mark Hopkinson which I'm in the process of getting ready for the site.

Today I have uploaded a 1986 match programme against the Edinburgh Blue Eagles - The files which make up this page are a massive 2.5 meg - This will take around 1 minute to load on a Broadband connection or about 12 minutes on a normal dial-up connection.

Sorry for the big file size - If I reduce them anymore, the pictures are not viewable.

I've also run out of web space so I've had to find some more free space on the net - Because of this, please check that the new stuff actually works as I'm not 100% I'm putting the correct links in - Thanks - Mark :-)

More updates - Have now got even more player photos on the site and have also started a cheerleaders section.

If anything doesn't work, or the pictures don't appear, please e-mail me because it's difficult for me to check that everything is up and running okay - Thanks - Mark.

Am still busy updating the site - BUT from the e-mails I have just sent out, the following have been returned with errors :

richieh76@netscapeonline.co.uk for Richard Heighton
alfhooker@aol.com for Hector Hurley
BIG.PAV@VIRGIN.NET for Pavlo Andrusiak
jezdove@tiscali.co.uk for Jez Dove
steve@clift18.freeserve.co.uk for Steve Clift
WBROGDON@cfl.com for Chuck Brogdon

Can anyone left me know if the above e-mail addresses have changed and if so, what they are now.

Also, would you all please let me know if you change e-mail addresses so I can keep the e-mails page up to date. Thanks - Mark :-)

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know that the site has had another big update with around 80 new photos uploaded - Some from a recent night out for the linemen and a load from Mick Hardaker's collection that Mark Hopkinson has scanned for me.

The pics can be viewed by clicking the icon below or by clicking the same icon in the menu bar on the left hand side

BUT, I need you help.

I don't know who most of the people in the photos are - Would you have a look when you get chance and either e-mail me with any that you know or use the forms on each page to send me any details.

Once again, if any of you have anything that you would like including on the site, just let me know and I will do my best to include it.

Thanks Mark :-)

I Have just had an e-mail from Mark Hopkinson containing some pictures from a meal that a few of the Linemen had last night. The pics can be viewed by clicking the icon below or by clicking the same icon in the menu bar on the left hand side

Also, Mark is in the process of scanning a LOT of old photos and stuff on the Cougars, so once he has done this, expect to see it here.

Many thanks to Mark for supplying all these items to be included here - Much Appreciated :-)

Sad News

 Got an e-mail today from doreen@tbcs.co.uk saying "Just to let all know that Joyce Milner died yesterday. She had suffered two strokes this year and finally passed away on 14.1. 05 RIP"

I'm sure that I echo everyone's thoughts by passing on our deepest sympathy to Colin and family.

New e-mail address for Neil Stott can now be found on the players e-mail page.

Neil also asks if anyone can help with phone numbers/e-mail addresses for - Ken Phelps, Brian Bullers, Richy Bullers, Mark Hopkinson, Jerry Hopkinson, Kevin Price, Bob Leary, Clem Brock/

New e-mail address for Gregg Thelan can now be found on the players e-mail page.

Updated the gametime page with one new profile.

Not a lot happening since the last update in February but old friends keep popping up in the guestbook and a couple of new profiles in the gametime section have been added by ex-cheerleaders.

 Hi guys missing you all. Great job Mark setting up the site reading most of the messages brings back memories. I feel like it was only yesterday I saw everyone.

I miss hitting you all. I remember the time I drilled Muzzy #92 in training and Chuck said do it again. It was a good job I had a 24 inch afro or I would have had to have brain surgery.

Sammy Pryce #85 (exocet)
E-Mail : Pryce157@blueyonder.co.uk

2 new player contacts for

PG Haddon (Peter Haddon Senior)

who writes :

Hi this is PG (Peter Haddon Senior)...

I finally mastered the internet, through my assistant !! It was good to see all the old faces and read the comments, what a great website.

 I was sorry to hear of Dan, I often think about him.

I have still got the album of the Cougars Trip to Cincinnati, and the signed football from the Bengals Team.

It would be good to hear from any of the old crowd....

Regards PG

and also

Sammy Pryce #85

who writes :

My giro has come we're now getting up to date online in the year 2004. you can now e-mail me at Pryce157@blueyonder.co.uk

luv Sammy Pryce #85 (exocet)

Glenn Stevens has got 2 new e-mail addresses - His old ones are no longer valid - The new ones are :

GSTEVENS3@tampabay.rr.com and Glenn.Stevens@honeywell.com

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all

Chuck - If you're reading this, the e-mail address you supplied doesn't work - I tried sending you a reply but the e-mail said the address was invalid - Please get in touch again with an address we can all reach you at - Thanks - Mark :-)

Just got an e-mail from Chuck Brogdon - It went like this.

I was thinking of old times and remembered the website.

I enjoyed the browse and the site looks good.

I wish you had a better or more flattering pic of me but what the hell!

I am living back in Florida now, feel free to pass on my email!

What great times and memories! I was saddened to hear of Dan's death nearly two years ago, we were great friends once then rivals, but I guess that is how egos go!!

Take Care

E-Mail : wBrogdon@cfl.com

Hi Everybody

Oliver Jake Raynor arrived at 6:07am Tuesday 4th November, Weighing 9 lb 7oz

Mum and baby are at home, Oliver's lungs, bowel and bladder all working fine and both he and his
mum are sleeping for England!!!

If you want to see him, please go to the following web page :



Mark :-)

I was recently asked by Samantha Pryce why I hadn't got any pictures of Alex Drobac on the site - The simple answer to this one is that I don't have any!!!!!

This is the same for all the other players who don't have a photo on the site so if you have any pics that you want to send me, please do so - Cheers - Mark :-)

Just got a couple of messages via the comments box (see below)

Love the site. Looking at the pictures of the 'oldboyz' made me smile and my heart burst with Cougar Pride. Am just sorry I was out of the country when my coach and friend #55 Dan came over. But great people always live on in the hearts of those that know.

See ya boys stay true and blue.

#45 or #47 E-Mail :
Orlando Weekes

Hi this is Samantha Pryce (Sammy Pryce's daughter) many of you may remember
me from the reunion and some may remember me from the matches. I was sorry to hear about Dan
Moore and had to unfortunately tell my dad and Gerrard about the accident both of them was sad to
hear about it. Sammy Pryce and family give their best regards to his family. Both Sammy and
Gerrard have seen the website and think it is very well done and thank the person who created it.
Best regards Samantha Pryce xxxxxxxxx

Yet another update with around 25 articles/photos that I've found re-looking through the 1st Downs.

Hi Everybody

Just to let you know that this website has got a new easier address for you to remember - You can now find it at :


Told you it was easy didn't I :-)

Anyway, apart from it having a new home, I have finally done what I have been threatening to do for 3 years or so and have redesigned the site and  have given it a MASSIVE MASSIVE update.

So, what's new I hear you cry - Well :

MATCH RESULTS - Same as before BUT, you can now click on the games to see a press report on the game. I have got most matches from 1986 onwards covered here. There is even an option to view the stats against individual teams - Did you know we never won against the Olympians and had a 0.500 percentage against The Dorset Broncos!!!

MATCH REPORTS - Same as above except this is a direct link to the reports.

CLUB INFO/HISTORY - A few bits and pieces added

COUGARS PRESS - A MASSIVE collection of photos/game reports/press clippings all about the cougars - Some of these pages are quite large and may take a while to load depending on your Internet connection speed, but I think you'll find it's worth it.

PLAYER PHOTOS - A load of photos of you, the players, with links to separate pages for each of the players who I have photos of. Are you on there - Are there some scary pictures that remind you of how you used to look ???

PROGRAMMES - Some of the programmes have been updated (1988 and 1994) but this is the only area of the site I have still to complete. Again, some of the pages are large and may take a while to download.

COACHING - Updated with pictures of all the coaches except for George Aguardo (anyone have a photo of him they could sent me ???)

SQUAD MEMBERS - Updated to include links to photos of each player next to their name.

WHO ARE YER - not updated due to no one sending me anything in about themselves - Please have a look at it and write something down so we can get this section going - Pleaseeeeeeeeee :-)))

CHAT ROOM - Still the same - Hopefully, we can arrange a time once a week/month where a few people can arrive at the same time to chat.

POSTCARDS - Section updated to include a whole load of new designs to send to your fellow Cougars/Friends/Family etc...

WALLPAPER - A load of new designs of wallpaper for your desktop - I hope you like them.

SCREENSAVERS - I have made a cougar screensaver with various players bouncing around the screen to the theme from Monday Night Football

AM FOOT SIMS - I have updated the emulator and have also included 4 new games for you to download and play

LINKS - I've updated this page to just include relevant links - If you can think of any more, please let me know

As I've already said, I've finally been through ALL my copies of First Down and have uploaded literally hundreds of articles/news/match reports/player photos that appeared between 1986 and 1995

Please let me know what you think of the new site and pages - It's taken me around 80  hours hard work to get everything up and running so it would be nice to get some positive feedback (and boost my ego!!!)

Also, if you have anything at all you would like to see included on the site e.g. your photo, pictures of memorabilia etc. or if you have anything which would benefit the site e.g. photos, match programmes, match reports, press clippings that I haven't got, I would be very grateful if you could let me borrow them so I can get them on the site (Just e-mail me and I'll send
you my postal address)

I promise to return everything that I get sent.

Also, please pass on the address of the site to anyone and everyone - Let everyone know about it - Lets get ALL the ex-Cougars looking at this site - It should make for a fantastic reunion next time there is one if there are hundreds of you all turning up!!!

I think that's it for now

Please have a look and remember to let me know what you think, what could be improved, what you have which you could send me to include on the site.

Cheers for now

Mark :-)

Just got the following e-mail - Can anyone help ???

"I'm from the Birmingham Bulls. I and a couple of the guys here remember Rick Horner from playing against him as a Cougar and alongside him when we were all Panthers and would like to get in touch with him.

If you have any contact details for him or know anyone who does, we would be very grateful indeed."


Andrew Moloney - Bulls #54

Hi Everybody

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks but I have been busy trying to sort out the programmes etc. for eventual inclusion on the site.

I've also archived a lot of the items that were on this page and have put a link to them in the left hand options bar.

I've recently received a couple of items from people to include and these can be found below. Cheers for now - Mark :-)

Mark- Just wanted to send this photo that was taken while Mic came to the states to visit Sally & Stephen.

We had a very nice memorial and finally got to lay Dan's ashes to rest.

I wanted to send the attached photo of C.T., Sally, & Mic on his last night here.

I thought the guys would like to see Sally smiling....

Cordially,  Jenny Simms AKA BC

"Who remembers 'The Bus Conductor'? Who remembers the man that tried but failed to resign as Supporters Club chairman 5 years running? Who remembers? Answers on a postcard please.

P.S. Whatever has happened to Sue and her faithful sidekick Karen. BOOM BOOM out go the lights.

Hi I'm Lisa, but most of you might remember me as the little blond girl that belongs to Kevin Trory (my dad).

I started to watch the Cougars back in 1995/6. Looking back at my 'COUGARBALL' times my strongest memory was of the day my darling father handed m me a large cloth bag filled with white Cougar shirts and a bar of vanish soap. Why was this memorable I hear you ask? It was the smell, it was awful. The shirts had been worn for a match against the Glasgow Lions. They had been fastened away for a long journey home, left over night just to fester a little more and then presented to me the next morning for them to be washed. Sorry dad I never thanked you for that one. 'Cheers."

I was also a member of the Cougar cheerleading team towards the end. Some of you may remember i started up my own cheerleading team in 1994 'The Leeds Blue Kittens', dressed in the good old Cougar blue and white. My girls had the Cougar pride and went on to achieve National and International rankings.

If you want to know what sort of stuff we did, rent the video 'Bring it on' (true American style cheerleading
stunting). I also got the chance to go to the states to train with some of the top Cheer Coaches in the

I have hung up my pom poms for a while, I think I'm all back flipped out. Time to recharge but i will defiantly
be back for more. Who'd have thought that something that I started to watch when I was years old would have such an affect on my life.

One of my other memories was at a Gateshead Match. I was sat next to Greg Thelan's mum. She was over from the states to watch her boy play ball. It was an absolute awesome match. I have never shouted so much in my life. You guy's on the pitch were amazing totally wiping the floor with the senators. Sorry I've raved on a bit, i better go before i break out in to a chant.

Cheers you guys for all the happy memories.

I haven't got any pictures of my girls but yes, we did go high
and yes there are guy's involved

See ya,

Lisa Trory -  LisaLizzytish@aol.com

I've finally got myself a scanner :-)

So what, I hear you cry!!!

Well, it means that I can now scan in the match day programmes, newspaper articles and reports and also loads of other info that I've never wanted to actually sit down and type.

I'm still getting to grips with the scanner BUT, so far have managed to scan a massive 100 plus A4 page document on the history of the Cougars which should be on line as you're reading this.

This can be found by following the LOCKER ROOM, CLUB INFO link.

It should take you at least a couple of hours to read in full.

I am still spell checking it and have got up to 1989 so far but ALL the years can be viewed - Just be aware that there will be spelling mistakes at the moment :-)

I will make a start with the programmes next and I have 40 of these to scan in and reproduce.

When I finally finish these, I will make a start with my "First Downs" and the bits relevant to the Cougars.

After this, who knows? I'm sure a lot of you have stuff you'd like to see on here.

If you do, please let me know at the usual e-mail address.

Cheers - Mark :-)

Hi Everybody - Just to let you all know that I've changed my e-mail address due to large amounts of SPAM being received.

So, with immediate effect, my new e-mail address is

mark@rangeyMONSTER.demon.co.uk  (remove the monster to reply)

and NOT mraynor@rangey.demon.co.uk

Please update your address books :-)

Also, if you reply to any e-mails that I send out in future, when you click on the reply button, you will have to remove the word MONSTER out of my e-mail address.

I believe that this solution (although a bit fiddly at first) will stop me receiving all the rubbish that I've been receiving (around 25 unwanted e-mails a day)

If you forget to remove the MONSTER part of the e-mail address then I'm afraid that the e-mail will never reach me.

If you send anything to my old address then I will receive it for a while but not forever :-)

This way, hopefully I will still be able to correspond with people that I want to rather than with get
rich quick schemes or people advertising SEX, SEX, SEX!!!

Hang on, that might not be so bad after all ;-)

Cheers - Mark :-)

Just a follow up on Dan Moore. I am his brother, On Dec 15th Dan visited his dad and had a picture taken with him.

 Dan's life was lost on Dec 20th. Dad died on Jan 7th. What a tragic 3 weeks.

Having them together at the end is breathless. He loved his dad and took care of his estate. I want to share that pic with you mates over in England. I look forward to meeting Mic in March when he comes over.


Just got another e-mail from Sally :

 Hello guy's

Just thought I'd drop a line to you guy's to fill you in , I feel Dan would want me to, after all I am Mrs #55.

The report is back and it was a tire separation , Dan was able to keep total control of the car without involving any other vehicle, he did not put brake's on and just tried to coast the car as he was going about 65/70 mph but obviously he tried to bring the car in to the side to avoid all other traffic, this is on a highway.

The separated wheel got pulled by concrete, or wet turf which made the damn car go airborne which at the same time as the car flipped Dan was ejected through the sun roof, I am assured that he did not feel any pain, he did not know a thing.

I do want you all know that even in a crisis he did not panic and kept his cool and was also thinking about other's before himself, but those of you who knew him will agree that was just the way he was. I miss him so much as I know some of you do ,but we are a Cougar family and we can get through this together, the Cougar's meant so much to #55.

Mick is coming over to see me and Steve, and by the way Mick I can't wait, I am sending some ashes back with Mick and as my friend and co worker Jenny(BC) said, you all know where they need to go.
Please take care everyone, Dan is with us all

Sally #55

Just received an E-mail from Sally Moore which is for everyone to see :

Hello Everyone,

This is really hard for me because I don't quite know what to write, except that I thank everyone on the Cougar site.

Dan was/is very proud to be a part of the team, if you ask me he was a true Cougar and always will be! He talked about you guys constantly. If he wasn't a Cougar I would never had met him and spent 11 wonderful years with him.

I want to thank everyone who touched his heart, (Mic, Murdock, Theo, Brenner, and those players also supportive. I  know there are a lot of people that knew Dan and I did not get a chance to meet, but I thank you all for giving my husband the opportunity to LIVE one of his dreams, playing pro football. Thanks to everyone involved. I do check the Cougar site.

Thank you for your support through this hard time, he will be missed not only here but over there. He Loved you all! Thanks again!

Sally & Stephen Moore #55 email Sallyj101@juno.com

Here's an e-mail from Dan's brother :

My brother was a great man, father and husband. He set his goals high and reached for the stars. I am so saddened of his sudden death, He leaves behind a lovely wife (Sally) and son (Stephen).

I have been blessed the past couple of years to become very close to Dan. We had great times together through good and rough times. We were there when we needed each other. He was very  proud of his friends and team mates from the Cougars. I have had the opportunity to meet a few of them. His friends are mine as well. He always talked about his Cougar days, proud he was indeed!

His days spent in the UK provided a solid foundation he brought back to the states to be all he could be. He was that! Superior athlete, and corporate pilot for a major US company, and moving up! I will miss my little brother! WHY? WHY? WHY?

We will be strong and be there for each other. His wife Sally and son Stephen will be taken care of. I thank you all in the Cougar Family for your prayers and support.

Tim Moore email Kcobra4me@aol.com

More about Dan - Some from the guestbook, some by e-mail :

Published on 12/22/2001 Cincinnati Post

MOORE Daniel A., age 40, born January 23, 1961, Cincinnati, OH, residence Regency Dr., Columbus, IN, died December 20, 2001. Son of Harry A. and the late Gayle L. (Dunnohew) Moore. Husband of Sally Phillips Moore, father of Stephen Andrew Moore, Columbus, IN. Brother of Timothy A. Moore, Jeffersonville, IN and Michael P. Moore, Cincinnati, OH, Linda Carlson, Anchorage, AK, Pamela Schnorbus, KY, Kimberly Burns, Cincinnati, OH, Christina Geil, Cincinnati, OH. Member Sandy Hook United Methodist Church. Funeral Friday, December 28, 2001, 12 Noon, Sandy Hook United Methodist Church. Calling hours Thursday, December 27, 7-9 P.M. at Vernon Jewell-Nick Rittman Funeral Home, 3855 25th St., Columbus, IN and Friday from 10 A.M. until the time of service at the church. Memorials to CASA of Central Indiana. Daniel graduated from Turpin High School, Cincinnati, OH in 1979, he attended Anderson College and Clemson University from 1979-1982. He then attended Thomas More College in Crestvie Hills, KY from 1995-1996. He then graduated with a Bachelor in Business Administration-Accounting. Daniel was a member of the AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association) since 1995, ASN volunteer for the AOPA at Columbus Airport, CASA of Central Indiana-Court Appointed Special Advocate since 1998. Daniel had his Airline Transport License-FAA. He began as a student pilot in 1985, becoming a commercial pilot in 1991. He was a Captain with Cummins Engine Company since 1998. He was also a Player/Coach with the Leeds (England) Cougars from 1988-1992 in the European League. Daniel was also in the process of changing jobs to work for U.S. Filter. He was also a proud coach of baseball.

mick #70 - I spoke to Sally Moore last night, her and Stephen and doing o.k., Sal told me that the police have said that Dan did not fall asleep at the wheel, they now say that because of the marks in the road and the condition of one of the tyres, he must have had a blow out and lost control of the car. I wanted to keep anyone who is still finding it all hard to believe, as informed as possible.
Sally checks the site out from time to time so if you have anything you want to say about Dan to her ,or indeed anyone else, use the Cougar site
cheers #70

murdoch - On the 28th December 2001, I attended the funeral of Dan Moore, at the Sandy Hook Methodist Church, Columbus Indiana.
Dan died in a motoring accident on Interstate 65, after returning from a business trip in Wisconsin.
At the funeral were Chris Thomas, Cliff Harvey, Greg Thelen and Greg Brenner.
Dan was later cremated and his ashes sent to Cincinnati, to a service held there at a later date.
Dan also carried a donor card, and has helped several people in the University Hospital in Indianapolis, to a better life.
If any body can explain why we have lost a great friend, then I hope they can explain, because I'm at a loss to understand.
The floral tribute at the funeral was an "L" shaped arrangement of yellow lilies and blue delphiniums.
Murdoch 82#

Dear Mark

My name is Jenny and I'm from Columbus, Indiana...and I work with Sally Moore, Dan's wife. I have been lead to your site courtesy of the "boys", and have been checking it frequently. I wanted to let you know that I know Mic H. will be coming here in the spring to visit Sally and Stephen. I do believe that Sally has already given some thought to sending some of Dan's ashes back with Mic. Of course you know where the  ashes are to go...... So you might want to maybe wait until Mic gets back and you guys all gather and have your own memorial for #55. I had the pleasure of meeting several guys, Chris Thomas, Tony Linsley just to mention a few. You are all truly lucky people to have had Dan in your life...he was a wonderful man to have as a friend. Bravo to your site, I know Dan liked it, it was bookmarked on his computer!!
Jenny Simms
aka (BC) <-----my nickname from Dan

Just got an e-mail from Colin who is trying to organise something to commemorate Dan

"Just had a pleasant(ish) evening talking to two of our female clan, Sue and Karen.

We have arranged to have a meeting at my Club on Sunday 3rd Feb to plan the best way to commemorate Dan.

This will be on SUNDAY FEB 3RD AT 2 PM. The address of the club is BRAMLEY LIBERAL CLUB, 12 HOUGH LANE, LEEDS LS13.

We are off Town Street, turn left at the Yorkshire Bank traffic lights. Our entrance is the second gateway on the right opposite the church.

If anyone wants further details, please phone me on 0113 236.2605, or 07890290513, or e-mail me.

We would like as many Cougar fans as possible to show.


I've just received another e-mail from Colin about Dan. Here is what Colin had to say :

"Hi Mark, Its true unfortunately. My wife spoke to Sue Langley last night. Mick Hardaker is in hospital (not connected to Dan's accident) with irregular heartbeat probably brought on by the shock. Apparently Dan was driving home from a business trip when he ran off the road, rolled the car on an embankment and was killed. We think this happened on Thursday.

If I hear anything further I'll let u know."

What a sad time for everyone who had the pleasure of knowing Dan. Personally, I never met him but feel that I know the sort of person he was from everyone else's accounts of him.

I know that he will be sorely missed by a lot of people.

If anyone hears anything else about the accident or would like to do any sort of tribute etc. please let me know and I'll see what I can do. Thanks - Mark

I've just received the following e-mail from Colin Milner - Hopefully, someone will be able to say that it isn't true.

"I have just read in the Yorkshire Evening Post that Dan Moore has been killed in a road accident in the US. Can anyone please tell me this isn't true.

I only e-mailed Dan earlier this week regarding his new job and wishing them all a happy Christmas.
Please either e-mail me or phone me on 0113 236 2605."

Got 6 more photos on the site courtesy of Dan Moore - Thanks to Dan and all the others, this site is improving by the day :-)

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I have just put up 6 photos on the site from the Reunion at Lotherton Hall on Sunday 22nd July 2001

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Hi Guys

I'm unable to make the reunion having had a trip sightseeing in London booked a good few months ago 

Never mind, cos I'm sure that everyone on here will be posting their messages on how it went 

If anyone takes any photos and would like to see them on here, please send me them either as an e-mail attachment or if that's not possible, e-mail me and I will send you my "normal" address so you can post the photos to me - When I've got them on the site, I promise to post them straight back off to you.

I'm sure that you'd all like to see some up to date pictures from the reunion on here 

Have a good time and don't scrimmage too hard!!!

Cheers for now


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